Trading Strategies

Despite many outrageous claims by various web sites and individuals there is no definitive answer to how to make money from betfair, BetDaq or any other exchange. There are however numerous trading strategies and trends to observe and follow in order to make a profit.

I tend to use a combination of numerous trading strategies, with the most common being the ones outlined on this site.

The second tool in the armoury is analysis, a comprehensive analysis of the trends and performance of the league in question and the form of the individual teams will prove invaluable when it comes to biting the bullets and putting your money on the line.

As per the other pages in this section an exchange account is required such as Betdaq or Betfair account (click the link to sign up if you don’t already have one and get great welcome bonuses).

Here are some of the strategies I utilize: -

Trade lay the draw

Lay the draw

Back lay under 2.5 goals

Lay the score

lay both ends of the score market

back to lay 0-0

Back correct score


i will add more trading strategies as I find them.